Allotment Procedure  
  • For the purpose of allotment of houses proposed to be constructed or ready built houses, demand survey notification is issued, which includes the estimated cost price of the house, plinth area, plot area, locality in which scheme is proposed or constructed, Earnest Money Deposit payable, last date for receipt of application, percentage of reservation, category of houses and their percentages under outright sale or hire purchase bases etc.
  • 15% of the notified cost of the house shall be collected as E.M.D, for houses notified under hire purchase and out right sale and 10% for houses notified under self financing, schemes bearing no interest which shall be adjusted towards the cost of the house.
  • The applications will be available for sale in the Office of Executive Engineer concerned and Estate Officer, on payment of cost fixed. The model application is available here for general view of public.
  • The Executive Engineer concerned will receive the filled in applications.
  • The following principles shall be observed in selecting the applicants for allotment.
No application shall be considered if the applicant :
  • Owns a house any where in the Urban areas and Urban agglomerations in the State of Telangana.
  • The income does not fall within the income ceiling limits fixed by A.P.Housing Board from time to time for the different categories. The income is the aggregate personal income regularly derived by the applicant at the time of application.
  • Lots are drawn in case the numbers of applications received are more than number of houses notified.
  • RESERVATIONS : Quota of reservations is followed in the matter of allotment of houses.
Reservation Pattern is as follows :

Houses offered on Hire Purchase and Outright sale :
Category MLA/MP SC ST BC GS PH FF DP Total
HIG 3% 16% 6% 9% 10% 1% 1% 3% 49%
MIG 3% 16% 6% 9% 10% 1% 1% 3% 49%
LIG - 16% 6% 11% 10% 2% 2% 2% 49%
SCs = Scheduled Castes; STs = Scheduled Tribes; BCs = Backward Classes; GS = Government Servants; PH = Physically Handicapped; FF = Freedom Fighters; DP = Defense Personnel.

In all the above allotments 30% shall be reserved for Women.

Houses offered under Self Financing Scheme :
Category MLA/MP SC ST BC GS PH FF DP Total
HIG 5% 14% 4% 9% 10% 1% 1% 5% 49%
MIG 5% 14% 4% 9% 10% 1% 1% 5% 49%
LIG - 14% 4% 15% 10% 2% 2% 2% 49%
The remaining 51% shall be allotted among the remaining applicants.


  • The following principles shall be observed while making the allotment of houses.
  • by drawal of lots among the eligible applicants for a particular category of house in any particular locality.
  • 60% of the Houses are earmarked for Outright sale and 40% of houses for hire purchase, in respect of Urban and Urban agglomeration Areas in the State of Telangana and
  • 40% of the houses are earmarked for outright sale and 60% of houses for hire purchase, in respect of other than Urban and Urban Agglomeration Areas in the State of Telangana .
  • Provided that if there is no response to outright sale category, the balance houses in that category shall be converted and allotted under hire purchase category.
Lots shall be drawn in the manner specified below :

  • A notice specifying the date, time, and venue of the drawal of lots shall be intimated to all the eligible applicants 10 days before the drawal of lots either individually or through notification published in daily newspapers, as the case may be
  • Lots shall be drawn seperately for houses earmarked for outright sale and on hire purchase system in the presence of applicants who are present.
  • Lots shall be drawn in respect of reserved quota first and the applications remaining after drawal of lots shall be added to the general pool and then the lots drawn for the general pool.Further lots shall be drawn to an extent of 25% of houses as waiting list.
  • The lists of successful applicants including waiting list shall be displayed on the Notice Board of the Executive Engineer concerned.
  • The applicants who are successful in the lots under outright sale category shall pay the balance 85% amount within three months from the date of intimation.
  • In case of allotment under hire purchase category, the allottee shall pay 15% of the notified cost within three months and another 10% within six months, from the date of intimation, excluding E.M.D of 15% paid. The balance 60% of the cost of the house shall be payable by the allottee in equated instalments as fixed by A.P.Housing Board.
  • The allottee should execute the agreement for sale within one month from the date of notice.
  • The balance-equated instalments worked out on diminishing value, includes interest. On delayed payment of instalments, penal interest at one and half times over and above normal rate of interest shall be collected from the allottee. If the allottee pays instalments in advance equivalent to two annual instalments, the same shall be adjusted against the outstanding principal amount and the instalments will be rescheduled on the balance outstanding principal.
  • On payment of the final cost fixed by the A.P.Housing Board the property shall be conveyed Yemek Tarifleri to the allottee.
The APHB (allotment, management of sale of HIG, MIG, LIG and EWS houses) regulations 1997 and amendment made from time to time shall apply in all respects.

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